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We ship everything you need in the kitchen and household. 

It’s just like subscribing for a newspaper or magazine, but simpler!


What’s Inside?

YouFend Boxes are made with a lot of care and love for our subscribers!

Our boxes include organic and natural produce, curated for a healthier life and a better environment. Yes, even our SnackBox!

There’s more! Each YouFend Box has unique cooking recipes to spice up your kitchen.


We at YouFend, strive to deliver quality beyond your expectation. 

Implementation of the shortest distance to the source, ensures that you can experience fresh organic produce at its finest. 

Organic produce is fresher than conventional produce because it doesn’t contain preservations, pesticides, or chemicals. Therefore, its shelf life is longer. 

Farm. Our Home. Your Home.

Got more questions about our organic and natural products? Get in touch with one of our Product Specialists.

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