Weekly Subscription Box

Are you a working mom or businesswoman with no free time? Or are you that person with a very tight schedule who loves cooking those tasty dishes? Then, this subscription box is calling for you! We have crafted a well-rounded subscription box with fresh and delicious organic vegetables. You can also customize the box and suggest replacements. This makes our organic vegetable box a great choice for health-conscious families.
  • Small Box: Sufficient for a family of 3-5 for a week
  • Medium Box: Sufficient for a family of 6-7 for a week
  • Large Box: Sufficient for a family of 8-9 for a week
  • Monster Box: Sufficient for a large group of people for a week

Organic Vegetable Subscription Box

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1-Month Plan

40% Savings

2-Month Plan

40% Savings

3-Month Plan

40% Savings
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